From Solar Powered Calculators To Solar Powered Homes

Most people had their first experience with solar energy in the form of a pocket calculator. From these modest beginnings, the solar panel has evolved tremendously into what could be the savior of mankind’s energy grid. How did these little miracles become what they are today?

First of all, the basic principle of operation behind a solar panel is based on material sciences and physical chemistry. A suitable semiconductor must be used which can develop an exciton in the presence of ambient light. This exciton allows for electrons to pass in one direction across the semiconductor and Read more…

Teaching Your Children About Alternative Energy

Some of the most important issues that will face our children in the future have to do with the energy we use. As you go through the day, talk to your son or daughter about the energy you are using to complete an activity, and what alternative forms can be employed. Here are a few simple ideas to get started; undoubtedly more will present themselves as you and your child start thinking differently about using energy.

Transportation is an easy subject to start a conversation around. There are numerous alternative fuel vehicles on the Read more…

Go Green with Green Energy at Home

Green is the color of the future. It has taken quite a while but the rising cost of hydrocarbon based fuels has helped considerably. Research and interest in green energy alternatives are at record levels. That is good news for current homeowners. For anyone planning on buying a lot and building a new home the green revolution in home energy choices is fantastic news.

Examples of Green Energy for the Home
Situate the home in an environmentally friendly position and renewable solar energy can serve the home in both passive and active ways. With the increased technology in solar energy the home can be energy positive for most months in the year. Having an energy positive home means you get energy credits, or perhaps even cash, in return for the energy you feed back into the electrical grid. Visit, to see the value of a green, energy positive home.

Green Energy Comes in Shades – Many Ways to Go Green
With the right choice of land a modern home can have a collaboration of geothermal, solar and wind energy systems working together in an outstanding manner. Homes built on a plot of land that has contours and slopes can take advantage of both passive and active green energy at the highest level possible. Green wind energy can also be used to feed green energy back into the energy grid.

Medium depth water wells can use geothermal pumping equipment to pull constant temperature water to the surface. This water can be used to heat a home during cold weather months and heat a home when it is hot. The beauty of such a system is that with a constant temperature, the system works automatically. This same water can keep a winter growing garden safe from freezing during the cold winter months.

With the green technology of today, the modern green home can enjoy an airy, bright and well ventilated condition with the minimum expenditure needed for utility based energy. A home partially built into the slope of the land can use natural features as heat sinks to store solar heat collected passively during the day.

Every day the cost of green energy decreases. Now is the time to go green and plan for the future. The time for the home of the future is now, thanks to the amazing advancements in green energy for the home.

Changing To Use Of Biofuel Systems For Your Vehicles

Running your car on biofuel can be a fun transition that has an impact on your environmental impact as well. If your car already has a diesel engine, it will run safely on biodiesel, as long as the fuel is of a very good quality. Before using biofuel, make sure your gaskets, gasoline tank, and other components of the fuel system are prepared to handle the transition. Do some homework and find out if anyone has used biofuels before with the exact make Read more…

Used Cooking Oil For Your Cars

Used cooking oil can often be obtained for free from restaurants, and offers a surprising benefit. Filtered cooking oil with no other modifications can run a diesel engine in place of diesel fuel, and it can do this with very little loss of efficiency. This is a handy trick for anyone who has a diesel car or diesel generator and easy access to free used cooking oil. In the long term, diesel engines can run on vegetable oils permanently with minor modifications to the Read more…

Easy Ways To Make Recycling Fun For The Family

Involving the whole family in recycling teaches kids to conserve resources and can be great family fun. Here are some tips to get you started.

Let kids decorate their own recycling bins for sorting materials. Use pictures of the items, or fasten sample items to the fronts of the bins so kids know where everything belongs. Another way to get crafty with recycling is to use repurposed materials like glass jars and cardboard boxes to make art projects and gifts. Transform a refrigerator box into a playhouse, and paint glass jars Read more…

Wind Power: A Natural and Infinite Power Source

Wind power is a clean and sustainable energy resource that would be a great replacement for fossil fuels. Like all forms of energy on earth, wind energy is powered by the sun. In this case, solar energy heats portions of the atmosphere and causes convection currents in the air, which we experience as wind. That wind can be used to spin wind turbines, which can run generators to produce electricity and recharge batteries.

Wind power produces no greenhouse gases or pollutants and is completely independent from fossil fuel. Wind turbines Read more…

How To Power Your Family’s Home With The Sun

Investing in solar power can be costly, but some companies offer services to help home users obtain and install the necessary equipment at a lower cost than their traditional energy source. Converting a home to run on solar energy requires solar panels, a power inverter to convert AC current to DC current, hardware to mount solar panels and wiring to collect the energy. A home installation can cost anywhere from 18,000 to 40,000.

In addition to hardware costs, the equipment will require a professional installation and may require permits and inspections. Solar power can also require operational costs Read more…